Hey there tired friend, I know getting out of the house, getting everyone together, seems almost impossible. BUT do not fret - if you forget something we will handle it, if your new little one doesn't quite follow the schedule it is ok, and if all else fails I will be there to provide snacks and coffee. 

To set you up for a successful newborn session please TRY your best to follow these guidelines. It will ONLY HELP with those sleepy newborn vibes we are looking for when getting those cute, curled-up poses. I promise, even if you never do these things again, it will help us with our upcoming session. 

1. Try and wake the baby about 30 ish minutes before you need to feed. Give the baby a bath, basically just have some alert time. Then put the baby in something that is EASY TO TAKE OFF. Not 13 layers or a cute outfit... something like a zip or button front onsie. No need for cute, just something functional to take off when you arrive. 

2. Feed the baby a HEAVY feed before you come. Please do not plan on feeding the baby when you arrive. IF the baby won't take a feed before you come, that is fine and we can feed at the studio, BUT it is BEST if you feed BEFORE YOU LEAVE, put the baby in the carseat and head to the studio. THEN bring the baby into the studio IN THE CARSEAT - not in your arms. 

3. You can change your clothes once you arrive - it can be warm in the studio so being comfy is nice. 

4. Siblings are welcome to hang out while we focus on baby, BUT it is honestly best if we can have them come at the beginning for photos and head out OR come at the end...They get bored and you'll get anxious chasing them around. 

5. Please PLEASE bring a pacifier. It can be one of your choosing. I know that if you are breastfeeding you may be trying to avoid using, or you may think your baby won't take one (or hasn't in the past) BUT this is a short and special circumstance and a Paci does TRULY HELP ME pacify the baby during posing transitions. Lots of times we don't even need to use one, but I request that you do bring one just in case please. 

Congratulations on your new addition! Your upcoming newborn session is on Friday at 11:30A.  To have a successful newborn session, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch this video. In this is everything you need to know for your session - Prep Video.  

Also attached is the new SSP Studio Guidelines and Procedures for newborn and studio safety! Please go ahead and read this as well! If you have not already signed our studio contract please do so, as well as the liability release waiver (for COVID-19). 

The new studio address is 12653 A  Memorial Drive, Houston TX, 77024. From the Beltway head east on Memorial, go through the light at Boheme, and you will see a shopping center on the right. My studio is located RIGHT BEHIND Robert's China. I have attached a map! 

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are looking forward to your session and meeting your new addition!

The SSP Studio