Below you will get to see all of Sara Stanley Photography's Newborn Collections. First the stand alone sessions and then the bundles (Maternity & First Year)…. First Breath Birth Stories and Day One Sessions are at the bottom.  Sara offers digital images with print release with every session. If you see a collection you like but it is out of your budget, there are payment plans available. Sample galleries are available under the "Galleries" tab on her website as well as most of her recent work is displayed on her business page: OR



 Sweet & Simple Collection 

The Sweet & Simple Package is for the family who wants to capture their new baby with out all the fuss of a full session. A Sweet & Simple Session will last 45 minutes to an hour and focus just on your new little bundle of joy. You may choose either bean bag posing or prop posing, and should there be enough time, Sara may elect to do both. This session does not include parent and family photos, but if you would like to add a sibling you may do so for an extra fee. These sessions happen in Sara's studio near Town and Country in Memorial. 


Here is what the Sweet & Simple Package Includes:

    •    45 min Studio Session

    •    Beanbag posing or prop posing 

    •    8-10 hand-edited images 

    •    Private gallery to view and download your images from

    •    Print release for your digital images

    •    $25 printing credit

    •    To add a sibling it is $25 and you will receive 1-2 additional images

    •    Scheduled 6-21 days after birth





 Full Newborn Collection 

The Full Newborn Collection is for the family who wants a bit of everything, from beanbag poising, prop selection, and sibling/parent/family shots. The Full Session will last from 2 to 3 hours and capture everything about your little boy or girl. With Sara you will choose colors for your posed photos, props for the baby, and have access to the 100's of fun accessories the studio has to offer. These sessions happen in Sara's studio near Town and Country, in Memorial.


Here is what the Full Newborn Collection Includes:

    •    1-2 Hour Session (some babies require longer, but usually I have a 2-2.5 block of time, and most are completed in an 1.5 hours)

    •    Beanbag, Prop, Sibling, & Family Photos 

    •    20 hand-edited images

    •    Private gallery to view and download your images from

    •    Print Release of your digital images

    •    $50 print credit

    •    Scheduled 6-21 days after birth






 Lifestyle Collection  

The Lifestyle Collection is for families who would like to have a newborn session in their home. The purpose of a Lifestyle Session is to capture the baby and thier family in their own home environment. This session is a more casual and natural approach that focuses on you as a family, rather than the posed and prop photos you would see in the studio.  Good in home natural lighting is a nessciary for this type of session. For the session I will come to your home and capture you as a family. I will bring 1 prop item, such as a basket, bucket, etc., headbands/hats, and wraps to match the colors we have decided upon beforehand. We will take photos of you as a family in the best lit room, the nursery, the master or some combination of your choice. You can include siblings, the family dog, or even grandma or grandpa. 


Here is what the Lifestyle Collection Includes:

    •    1 to 2 hour session (most of the time it can be done in 1 hour. If the baby is cranky I have extra time built in)

    •    Family & Sibling Shots and Photos of the Nursery - as well as photos of the baby in his/her natural environment... in the crib, in a small floor prop, on the bed, etc.

    •    30 Hand Edited Images 

    •    Private gallery to view and download your images from

    •    Print Release of your digital images

    •    $50 print credit

    •    Scheduled 6-30 days after birth




  Sweet & Simple with Lifestyle Mini  

This option is great for those families who want a little bit of the studio posing and a little bit of a lifestyle session. With this collection you get the best of both worlds; posed studio setting for the baby and then a lifestyle session with you as a family - this can include siblings, mama and daddy and even the family dog! You will have your studio session and then within 10 days another session in your home. 


Here is what the Sweet & Simple Lifestyle Bundle Includes:

    •    Sweet & Simple Studio Session 

    •    1 Hour Lifestyle Session (Family/sibling photos/nursery photos) 

    •    8-10 Images from your S&S Session

    •    15 Images from your Lifestyle Session

    •    Private gallery to view and download your images from

    •    Print Release of your digital images

    •    $50 print credit

    •    Scheduled 6-21 days after birth for S&S - and can be up to 6 weeks after birth for Lifestyle (depending on your desires)






  Beyond Baby Session - Older than 20 days  

Is your baby out of that 6-21 day window? Don't worry Sara loves all ages of babies and would still love to chat with you about a session. Baby might not be as little or as squishy, but that doesn't mean we can't get some great images. You may still choose the Sweet & Simple, the Full Newborn Session or Lifestyle Session - the posing might look a little different, depending on the age of the baby, but don't worry, Sara will still capture for you this oh so sweet stage of your new babies life. 




  maternity Sessions  

Oh my goodness there is nothing more beautiful than the glow of an expecting mother. Whether this is your first baby or your last, Bump Sessions are there to help you preserve the memory of being pregnant. Sara offers two selections for maternity photos; studio and outdoor. These are best scheduled 6 to 3 weeks out from your due date, when you are still feeling good, not too swollen, but have a nice round belly! 



Studio Bump Session Includes:

    •    45 minute session

    •    10-15 Hand edited images

    •    Access to the studio's gown collection 

    •    Private gallery to view and download images from





Outdoor Bump Session Includes:

    •    30 Minute Session

    •    15-20 Hand edited images

    •    Option to include family 

    •    Private gallery to view and download images from







Sweet & Simple Bundle

    •    Maternity Session -  Studio OR Outdoors

    •    Sweet & Simple Studio Session (see above)




Full Newborn or Lifestyle Collection Bundle

    •    Maternity Session -  Studio OR Outdoors

    •    Full Newborn Collection or Home Lifestyle Collection 




Sweet & Simple with Lifestyle Mini Bundle

    •    Maternity Session -  Studio OR Outdoors

    •    Sweet & Simple with Lifestyle Mini Collection 






This is a great option for the family considering all those sweet milestones throughout baby's first year. For more information on what each session entails please visit the "Milestones" tab under investment. 


The First Year Collection Includes:

    •    Studio or Outdoor Maternity Session

    •    Full Newborn or Lifestyle Collection 

    •    6 Month Milestone

    •    1st Birthday Milestone

    •    25% off Any Print Package

    •    11x14 Gallery Wrap


$795 - Payments can be made as to families specifications, payments in Full, Half, or Thirds can be made so long as 1/3 of the balance is paid at time of booking. 





  hospital Sessions  

First Breath Session

There is something so sweet and humbling about capturing the moments prior, during and shortly after a baby is born. If you would like to capture those moments this is the session for you. In a "photo-journal" style I will be there to take photographs so that your loved ones and yourself can just be present for this amazing time. I will be quiet and out of the way, and there throughout the entire process. This means that I am "on call" and willing to be there as long as it takes for the baby to be born. I take a limited number of theses sessions each month, so if this interests you, please book well in advance.


The First Breath Session Includes:

    •    Time before, during, and up to 1 hour after birth, and on call one week prior and post actual due date. 

    •    Private gallery of images to view and download from

    •    $150 credit towards any Newborn Collection or Bundle (See below for The First Year Bundle Option)


Includes 8x8 Custom Album 





Would you like to include a Day One as well? Add $100

Custom video $100 with digitals as well. 


Interested in bundling this AND The First Year Package - Sara would like to gift you family a Day One Session as well. 

Day One Session 

This is a great investment if you would like to capture those few "firsts" that happen while you are still in the hospital...without having the labor and birth documented. I will come within the first forty-eight hours of birth and be there to photograph that first meeting with a sibling, the first bath, feedings, and or all the other sweet little moments that happen in those first few days of being born. Now, it will just be me and my camera in tow - no props, no lights, or any of my newborn props - as this is not meant to replace any of the Newborn Collections. 


The Day One Session Includes

    •    1 hour Hospital Session within those first 48 hours after birth

    •    20 + Images in a private online gallery to view and download your images from

    •    $50 credit towards any Newborn or Maternity Collection (including The First Year)






All prices are subject to Texas State Sales Tax, 8.25%